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Sell Your Car | Motor Auction Group

Sell Your Car

How to Sell a Car

To enter your vehicle we require:


  • V5 registration document. If not available then proof of ownership.
  • All / any service history.
  • Any additional documentation that may help sell the vehicle.
  • An evening or mobile telephone number for the day of the sale.
  • A Bill of Sale if the registration document is not in your name

When completing an entry form you can specify a reserve price for your vehicle. If the auctioneer reaches your reserve it will be sold outright, if we achieve a price below your reserve, a provisional bid will be taken, we will telephone you during the sale to see if the bid is acceptable to you. Please be available to take the call.

Upon the sale of your car payment will be made by bank transfer 4 days prior to the sale date.

Entry fee

An entry fee is payable per auction entry

1st Sale: £30+VAT

2nd Sale: £15+VAT

3rd Sale: £15+VAT

If your vehicle does not sell you will only be charged for the number of times the vehicle has been through the auction.


Commission of 7.5% + VAT is charged upon sale of the vehicle (commission is subject to a minimum charge of £50 + VAT). Please contact us for further details.

Online Fee

The vehicle is imaged and featured on our 'livebid' system. The Online fee of £5 + VAT is charged upon sale of the vehicle.

For information on opening a trade account please email