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About Us


The Motor Auction Group is one of the country's oldest motor auctions and is still a family run business. Our first "Grand Show & Motor Auction" was held in 1946.


Today, Motor Auction Group is one of the few physical auctions in the UK and nationally, we remarket more than 35,000 vehicles per year! Vehicles are collected, inspected, and remarketed both physically and digitally on behalf of leading franchise dealers, car supermarkets, fleet businesses, finance houses and the public sector.

Location and access

The Motor Auction Group has 2 locations in Rotherham and Corby, for more details visit our contact page.

Vehicle Sales

We hold multiple sales every week across our Rotherham and Corby sites. Visit the sales calendar page for information on the next auctions.

Our Future

Our brand new site in Corby is set to double the business’s remarketing capacity, bringing about the potential to sell 50,000 vehicles by 2023 and offering an even wider choice of motors.