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Vehicle Grading | Motor Auction Group

Vehicle Grading

All vehicles up to 10 years old are fully inspected to NAMA standards.

NAMA (The National Association of Motor Auctions) maintains a consistent vehicle grading standard across all major auction centres across the UK.

The vehicle grade benefits both buyers and sellers by giving a clear indication of the vehicle condition, which allows buyers to purchase in confidence.

Inspection reports are available to view online and physically.


GradeNAMA Description
1The vehicle may have minor interior and exterior defects that require SMART repairs,  i.e. minor scratches or dents. Minor replacement parts may also be required.
2The vehicle may require repairs at Grade 1,  plus up to 1 major or minor body shop repair to an individual panel or bumper.  The replacement of more significant internal or external trim parts (excluding panels) may also be required.
3The vehicle may require repairs as Grade 1 and 2 plus it may require up to 5 minor body shop repairs, 3 major body shop repairs or a combination of major or minor repairs.  The vehicle may require 1 replacement bumper but not 2.
4The vehicle may require repairs as Grade 1, 2 and 3.  It may have a combination of repairs including a replacement panel,  but this will exclude structural panels such as roofs and quarter panels.
5The vehicle may require repairs as Grade 1,2,3 and 4.  It may have a combination of repairs or the vehicle may have sustained collision damage where the replacement of up to 2 structural panels may be required (providing there is no other damage on the vehicle),