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MAG Corby Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary | Motor Auction Group

MAG Corby Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

MAG Corby Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

  After an exhilarating 12 months, we’re thrilled to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of the Motor Auction Group auction site in Corby. It all began in April 2022, when our brand new 3-acre facility was born, complete with a full body shop refurbishment, a host of fleet management solutions, and enhanced vehicle imagery. It’s been a whole year since its successful launch - and what a ride it’s been!

Over 50 fleet vendors have been onboarded and now utilise our remarketing services - including the likes of Rivus, Venson, Sogo, and Toomey, to name a few. Following on from a record-breaking few months of remarketing, with a stock mix of cars and LCV’s from significant fleets, MAG went on to launch Pool Fleet Services with 3 major fleet companies.

From secure vehicle storage to meticulous safety checks, our pool fleet services now deliver a top-tier customer experience through life management - combining a whole host of useful services via a controlled web-based system. Nifty, huh?

Not only this, but we developed even more brand-new technology, which resulted in an enhanced digital platform for our customers. To help our customers get the best possible return on their assets, we list their vehicles which are then marketed and sold to thousands of buyers all across the nation - and there’s more where that came from.

“Our main objective has always been to drive the best possible outcome for our customers, by mastering thorough buyer profiling to market each vehicle to a wide variety of potential buyers,” says Motor Auction Group’s Managing Director, James Tomlinson. “We take great pride in tailoring our business model to customers' needs and offering them the best service available. It’s safe to say that our digital platform has really helped us achieve our goals.

“Not only has it provided flexibility and seamless service, but it’s also broadened our product suite to drive outstanding performance for our valued customers. Our future plans involve even further technological developments that will incorporate self-service and buyer profiling - all of which will reel in maximum values for our sellers. Watch this space!”

A family-run business, Motor Auction Group has been helmed by the Tomlinsons for over 75 years. Our secret to long-lasting success is through efficient and thorough customer service; boy has that been proven this year. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from our Corby site - let’s see what the next year brings!