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Motor Auction Group Expand into New Auction Site in Corby | Motor Auction Group

Motor Auction Group Expand into New Auction Site in Corby

Motor Auction Group Expand into New Auction Site in Corby

After an enormously successful 75 years, despite the recent challenges brought about by COVID-19, Motor Auction Group has announced exciting growth and expansion plans for a new Auction site in Corby, Northamptonshire.


The Motor Auction Group’s new site is set to double the business’s remarketing capacity - bringing about the potential to sell 50,000 vehicles by 2023. The expansion will also lead Motor Auction Group to recruit 20 new employees from in and around Corby. Technology and online transactions will be the focus at the new location, though there will be capacity to seamlessly switch to a physical auction at any time, thus creating infinite remarketing solutions for every type of customer.  


“Our main objective has always been to drive the best possible return for our customers, utilising thorough buyer profiling to market each vehicle to an array of potential buyers,” says Motor Auction Group’s Managing Director, James Tomlinson. “Flexibility will always be a priority for us, we pride ourselves on our ability to tailor products and services to each customers’ needs.”


“Physical auction is a proven fundamental requirement to achieve the best possible return and our new site combined with technology will enable us to broaden our product suite to drive performance for our customers.”  


A family-run business, Motor Auction Group has been helmed by the Tomlinsons for over 75 years. In addition to key services such as industry-leading Vehicle Remarketing, Part-exchange underwrite, Inspect, Value & Collect, Damage Recharge and VT process management, Motor Auction Group offers, vehicle preparation and an extensive range of nationwide vehicle storage compounds and logistics services.


Set to open in April the new 3-acre facility will bring onsite PDI, full body shop refurbishment, enhanced vehicle imagery and a whole host of fleet management solutions to Motor Auction Group’s existing product and services suite.    


For media enquiries, please contact Motor Auction Group: / +44 (0)1709 9194400